Youth on Course Digital Annual Report

Client: Youth on Course
Project: Digital Annual Report
Description: Youth on Course wanted to send out their annual report to their sponsors and supporters, but this year they wanted to do a digital magazine version instead of the traditional print one. This way they could include more information and make the report link to special articles on their website.

Solution: Since it was going to be supported on a magazine-like distribution with animated page effects and shading, I decided that it would make the most sense to try to also make it look like the past print reports and divide the spreads in half, just like it would be if it was a print version. There were spaces left for videos and buttons that would be added in my their magazine distribution service. I kept the palette fun and light to reflect the children and inserted infographics as the data would support. I tried to focus on photos that had large kid faces and make the layout as simple as possible so the data and content wasn’t visually overwhelmed.

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