WordPress Swag Store Booth

Company: WordPress Swag Store

Project: Design items for the Swag Store booth for WordCamp US

Description: The WordPress community is starting a Swag Store for anyone to purchase WordPress theme merchandise. Since this project is in it's infancy, there aren't many projects and no official branding for the store. I was asked to create a pop-up banner that attracted conference goers. I also need to create some sort of a way to display all the various sizing options for the merchandise, so I settled on the idea of table tents since they take up little real estate on the table and they also fold flat for storage.

We did one round that was supposed to be super generic since there were no real official products to show. The designs weren't finalized for the t-shirts but we needed to show something without presenting an item that we didn't actually have as an option. 

Later they got several items with Wapuu (a mascot for WordPress) approved so they asked me to design a new banner that would replace the previous one that focused on the idea that there were branded Wapuu shirts for sale. Unfortunately, there were no high resolution photos of these items available yet. I created shirt illustrations using the t-shirt illustrations I made for the table tents so everything was consistent. 

The debut of the Swag Store went swimmingly and everyone can't wait to see it at future conferences.

Original Banner Design

Round 2 Banner

Banner in Action