Osprey View UI Punch Up

Client: Osprey View

Project: User Interface Design Punch Up

Description: Osprey View is a application that allows for the tracking of objects via satellite. I was contracted to do a design punch up and to make the user interface more usable.

Solution: I thought that the buttons and informational text on the mockup were too small to read. I also thought the lack of strong contrast of the green on gray would make it hard to read if you had poor eyesight or color blindness issues. I was restricted by the size of the screen, but I did increase the size of the top data and the contrast. I also replaced the green with blue so it would easier to read. I increased the size of the play buttons so it would be easier to interact with. The main menu screen was originally just the top options stacked on top of each other on a gray background, so I added an interesting background that wasn’t distracting from the actual menu. I decided on a stylized map because it relates to the actual product and is different enough from the mission screen as to not cause any confusion.

Before and After

Screen Mockups

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Branding Guidelines (for the internal code team)