Jetpack Photobooth Green Screens

Company: Jetpack by Automattic

Project: Design backgrounds to be projected as green screens for a photobooth for WordCamp US

Description: The Jetpack team wanted to make a splash this year at WordCamp US (a conference for WordPress users) to promote their plugin and to get the word out about them in a fun and relaxed way. Their ingenious solution were photobooths with a green screen backdrop where users could choose their own backgrounds from a series provided to them. I wanted to make them as fun as possible, trying to make them interactive so it wasn't just a static background.

The Jetpack brand uses space as a common motif, but they also wanted to incorporate the WCUS blue branding with their normal bright green branding. A common theme this year at WordPress conferences was to make your own version of Wapuu, an informal adorable logo that is a beloved character in the community. So I created a jetpack to place on Wapuu and branded them with the Jetpack colors.

The photobooth ended up being hugely successful and there are plans to use the same set up with other campaigns in the future.


Selected Illustrations

Alternate Concepts

The Photobooth in Action