Bierkast Website Redesign


Client: Bierkast
Project: Website Redesign
Description: Bierkast is an online homebrewer magazine website with multiple contributors. Their branding was already solid, but their site didn’t allow for multiple authors to log in and create content for the site. All content was being emailed to one person, who was responsible for placing it and all attached images onto the site.

Solution: I migrated the website over to WordPress and set up a user role structure so that different contributors were allowed different amounts of access to the site. New contributors could log in, create their posts and upload images but weren’t allowed to actually publish their content. Instead, all new contributor content was held for moderators to review the content before it went live on the site. I also moved the blog to the front page of the site so that way users didn’t have to click around to find content. I further refined the site by setting up tags and categories so that way the content was easier to navigate.